About me

My name is Andreas Buenter. Guessing where my name comes from? Growing up in Switzerland is very nice. But this has it’s price: As a business owner I am faced with fierce competition and high prices for almost everything at the same time. I need to take care where I spend my hours and money. Productivity is a key to success – in almost everything from purchasing, to marketing & sales, administration, organisation, tools. I founded GetYourExpert as a place to get inspiration and to learn how to get more productive from selected experts.  

  • You can’t do it without long hours? And work through weekends?
  • Have you tried this and that – your efforts go lost in tactical hell?
  • Everything has to get cheaper – but how?
  • No vacation this year, again?
  • Business growth is slow and damages your self-confidence?
  • Whole life is a roller coaster ride?

20111216-Andreas-Buenter-023-2Why I do it
Growing up in Switzerland, I was always interested in numbers, and how businesses work. With increasing success of my own 6digit consulting business, and temporarily large setbacks, the demands on getting more productive in marketing & sales, admin, project management, leadership, people and financial management, steadily increased. Small and medium-size companies, entrepreneurs are the back-bone of all economies. I love to help, optimize, restructure to turnaround.

That’s what clients say
„We have been sceptical and expected some results. But we got to a level exceeding our expectations“ –  Rudolf Hunziker, CFO of leading Caterpillar reseseller.
„Thanks for sharing. Great info coming from an experiece pro like you“ – Miguel Angel Lopez Turjuillo, Consultant.

Certifications & Languages
I am fluent in German, English, French, and Swiss-German. I am a qualified bank officer, studied further after business hours to become a business economist, certified financial analyst and asset manager as well as CIIA (certified international investment analyst). I work also as an accredited sales coach and developed the “9step Sales Process” for consultants of Expense Reduction Analysts in Europe.

Prices Won
Best-selling author. Winner of 2013 Silver and 2014 & 2015 Gold Award for Outstanding Achievements in Sales & Client Management of Expense Reduction Analysts, a global specialist in purchasing and supplier management.