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How to get attention from incredibly busy people who actually don’t have time

How do I get on the radar of people who actually don’t have time for new projects? Picture the daily schedule of a manager: booked out with meetings, packed with boring PowerPoint presentations, 250 e-mails, objectives, tasks. Their brain shuts off as soon as they receive messages that do NOT help solve problems.

What are the two success factors, which I focus on to get the attention of very busy people?

  1. Measurable benefit
  2. Everything that doesn’t cost too much additional effort

What is a measurable benefit? Measurable in money and time or emotionally noticeable. Taking the latter example—the problem is finally off the table, I am very relived. What doesn’t cost too much additional effort? Well, the schedules of decision-makers are usually already completely booked. For them it is a must, that I provide the necessary resources, because they don’t have time to manage another project themselves.

What do we learn from this?
If you want to score a consulting contract the day after tomorrow, the impact statement must convince within seconds. Busy potential customers want a financially and emotionally measurable benefit, without too much effort of their own.

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Andreas helps his clients take their businesses to the next level. Growing up in Switzerland, he was always interested in numbers, and learning how businesses work. With increasing success of his own businesses, the first started in 1991, and temporarily large setbacks, the demands on marketing, sales, leadership, people and financial management, restructuring, steadily increased. Today, Andreas’s consulting business encompasses international clients of all sizes, from individual management consultants to owners of family businesses and CFOs of publicly listed corporations. Andreas and Get Your Expert are currently offering complimentary 360 Business Turnaround Strategy Sessions, to find out more click here:
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meine Frage für den Business Doctor

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