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How you turn a boring Internet shop window into a dynamic acquisition tool and which benefits does this create

The Internet is the shopping mall of the 21st century. An entrepreneur, who sells expensive safes, told me this a few years ago for the first time. “Simply imagine that everything people see about you on the internet is your shop window. Will you go into a shop with a bad shop window?”

What are two success factors of a shop window on the internet?

  1. Display benefit
  2. Continuity

On (too) many LinkedIn or XING profiles of self-employed consultants I simply see the job description. For example: owner of the company Mega Consulting GmbH. Does this show the benefit within 3 seconds? Then comes the second hurdle: each TV channel conveys a different message. What does Coca-Cola do? Something different everywhere or the same thing everywhere?

What do we learn from this?
If you want to score a consulting contract the day after tomorrow, the benefit must be clear within a few seconds. Here, the company description doesn’t help at all. If the consultant addresses an urgent problem or can solve a shortage with this benefit, then it’s a direct hit! This person will love to connect with you. For me, the success rate during the initial contact increased by the factor 10.

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