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How you turn a boring Internet shop window into a dynamic acquisition tool and which benefits does this create

The Internet is the shopping mall of the 21st century. An entrepreneur, who sells expensive safes, told me this a few years ago for the first time. “Simply imagine that everything people see about you on the internet is your shop window. Will you go into a shop with a bad shop window?”

What are two success factors of a shop window on the internet?

  1. Display benefit
  2. Continuity

On (too) many LinkedIn or XING profiles of self-employed consultants I simply see the job description. For example: owner of the company Mega Consulting GmbH. Does this show the benefit within 3 seconds? Then comes the second hurdle: each TV channel conveys a different message. What does Coca-Cola do? Something different everywhere or the same thing everywhere?

What do we learn from this?
If you want to score a consulting contract the day after tomorrow, the benefit must be clear within a few seconds. Here, the company description doesn’t help at all. If the consultant addresses an urgent problem or can solve a shortage with this benefit, then it’s a direct hit! This person will love to connect with you. For me, the success rate during the initial contact increased by the factor 10.

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Andreas helps his clients take their businesses to the next level. Growing up in Switzerland, he was always interested in numbers, and learning how businesses work. With increasing success of his own businesses, the first started in 1991, and temporarily large setbacks, the demands on marketing, sales, leadership, people and financial management, restructuring, steadily increased. Today, Andreas’s consulting business encompasses international clients of all sizes, from individual management consultants to owners of family businesses and CFOs of publicly listed corporations. Andreas and Get Your Expert are currently offering complimentary 360 Business Turnaround Strategy Sessions, to find out more click here:
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meine Frage für den Business Doctor

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