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Checklist: 5 Powerful Steps to overcoming negative experiences

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These are my tipp to keep your mental health in a challenging business environment:

  1. Reserve 15 minutes in your calendar for a weekly review.
    I do it on a Friday evening before close of business
  2. Buy a paper notebook (i.e. a Moleskin) where you can write down your weekly review.
    Writing by hand is very important.
  3. Open up the notebook and place these fore questions on the first page.
    1. Which 2 experiences were bad during my week?
    2. Which 3 experiences were good during my week?
    3. What lesson do I take from the worst two experiences?
  4. Open up the second page and write the headline “My Weekly Review – Week Number xx” down. This procedure you will repeat each week. As a result you get one review per week.
  5. Just below the headline, please write the answers to the questions raised on page one, using one sentence per experience only.
    1. 2 bad experiences of the week and my lesson learned. Example: “the renewed delay of my freelancer delivering XYZ made me mad again”. “As a lesson learned I will communicate and fix clear deadlines per order and set a late-delivery penalty to be signed-off before start of work”.
    2. 3 good experiences of the week

By writing it down, I start a process absorbing the bad and good experiences pro-actively. Almost nothing builds up negatively. This relaxes myself enormously. The lessons learned will help you too, to improve your business life step-by-step. Go through your notes weekly, like I do it, and by doing that – remind yourself of your lessons learned. The result: Improve little step-by-step to master level!

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Andreas helps his clients take their businesses to the next level. Growing up in Switzerland, he was always interested in numbers, and learning how businesses work. With increasing success of his own businesses, the first started in 1991, and temporarily large setbacks, the demands on marketing, sales, leadership, people and financial management, restructuring, steadily increased. Today, Andreas’s consulting business encompasses international clients of all sizes, from individual management consultants to owners of family businesses and CFOs of publicly listed corporations. Andreas and Get Your Expert are currently offering complimentary 360 Business Turnaround Strategy Sessions, to find out more click here:
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meine Frage für den Business Doctor

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