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Checklist: 5 Powerful Steps to overcoming negative experiences

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These are my tipp to keep your mental health in a challenging business environment:

  1. Reserve 15 minutes in your calendar for a weekly review.
    I do it on a Friday evening before close of business
  2. Buy a paper notebook (i.e. a Moleskin) where you can write down your weekly review.
    Writing by hand is very important.
  3. Open up the notebook and place these fore questions on the first page.
    1. Which 2 experiences were bad during my week?
    2. Which 3 experiences were good during my week?
    3. What lesson do I take from the worst two experiences?
  4. Open up the second page and write the headline “My Weekly Review – Week Number xx” down. This procedure you will repeat each week. As a result you get one review per week.
  5. Just below the headline, please write the answers to the questions raised on page one, using one sentence per experience only.
    1. 2 bad experiences of the week and my lesson learned. Example: “the renewed delay of my freelancer delivering XYZ made me mad again”. “As a lesson learned I will communicate and fix clear deadlines per order and set a late-delivery penalty to be signed-off before start of work”.
    2. 3 good experiences of the week

By writing it down, I start a process absorbing the bad and good experiences pro-actively. Almost nothing builds up negatively. This relaxes myself enormously. The lessons learned will help you too, to improve your business life step-by-step. Go through your notes weekly, like I do it, and by doing that – remind yourself of your lessons learned. The result: Improve little step-by-step to master level!

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