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Checklist: 5 Things You Can Do Every Day to Transform Your Consulting Business

  1. Send a Personalized Message to Three Potential Clients Every Day. When it comes to selling your services, consistency is the key to success. While there will be days where you’ll reach out to more than three potential clients, make a commitment to always reach out to at least three.
  1. Investigate the Actions That Yield Results. The Pareto Principle says that 80% of your results will be achieved by 20% of your actions. Knowing this, you should make it a habit to write down the actions you take while you’re working and investigate whether or not those actions are leading to positive results. Your end goal should be to avoid busy work as much as possible and focus only on what’s productive.
  1. Refine and Improve Your Referral Process. If you’re struggling to generate a steady stream of consulting clients, it likely has a lot to do with how you handle referrals. Take time every day to refine your referral process. Ask yourself what’s working and what isn’t. And, if necessary, research different methods that you can try when asking for referrals in the future.
  1. Answer One Question Per Day on Social Media. Take a couple minutes and check out social media platforms like Quora, Twitter, or Facebook. See who’s asking questions about the particular niche that you specialize in and answer a question for them. Focus on being helpful and don’t be pushy about your services. Not only can this lead to clients reaching out to you, it helps position you as an authority in your industry.
  1. Make a Plan for Tomorrow. No matter how good or bad today was, it’s important to put it in the past and shift your focus to what you can control moving forward. Create a plan for tomorrow that gets you ready to tackle the day with energy and enthusiasm.

If you’re willing to commit to this checklist, you can work towards transforming your consulting business in just 10-15 minutes per day. Decide that you’re going to make a change and start building a business that you’ll be proud to call yours. It’s in your hands now.

Make the decision. Implement these strategies. Transform your business.


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Andreas helps his clients take their businesses to the next level. Growing up in Switzerland, he was always interested in numbers, and learning how businesses work. With increasing success of his own businesses, the first started in 1991, and temporarily large setbacks, the demands on marketing, sales, leadership, people and financial management, restructuring, steadily increased. Today, Andreas’s consulting business encompasses international clients of all sizes, from individual management consultants to owners of family businesses and CFOs of publicly listed corporations. Andreas and Get Your Expert are currently offering complimentary 360 Business Turnaround Strategy Sessions, to find out more click here:
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