Building a Consulting Practice is different...
Hello consulting colleagues,
My name is Andreas Bünter and since 1991 I have been a self-employed management consultant. In the first company, my team and I built up a core customer base of around 5,000 regulars, with whom we realized annual sales of a few million. A few years later, I sold the company. This was followed by startups in different consulting niches such as turnaround, recruiting, succession regulations, and franchising. As you can see, I love building businesses and sales with all its challenges!

GetYourExpert was actually inspired by a colleague. In a franchise network in England, I give a two-day “foundational training”. This means that I teach new franchise partners the most important things about selling consultancy mandates to tough and busy decision-makers.
Additionally, I coach my colleagues when business is slow. Back then, the network in England hired me because I regularly achieved top results in sales in the previous years: some gold awards, customer recommendations, a best-selling book with Brian Tracey, a high six-figure income.

I quickly discovered that there are many more self-employed consultants who urgently need practical advice to get their work back on track. But failure is not discussed publicly. So, tailor-made services were necessary, private coaching instead of mass events.
What if you knew the exact steps to completely turn around your consulting business in 90 days, reduce financial pressure, have fun at work again, and avoid a professional reorientation?

If you want to find out what it takes now, simply click on the link below and apply for a free strategy consultation with me.

As I have an extremely full schedule, I can only offer a few strategy consultations of 30 minutes per month for free. This is not a sales trick, but reality. The strategy consultation is guaranteed to be free. That is totally fine. Consultation is a people business. This is my service in advance to genuinely interested people.
I am looking forward to reading from you!

Yours sincerely,
Andreas Bünter

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