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Goodby Cold-Calling: How I expand my professional network by ten interesting people per week by simply paying attention to a basic human need

If I want or to be honest must to add 10 people to my network in LinkedIn per week, I will invite 30 people per week. I know people who achieve a reply rate (acceptance rate) of up to 100% for 30 invitations. For me, this is not working so well. I get around 20-30% invitation acceptance. This is quite nice – especially by avoiding cold calling.

Why does it work that nicely? What does “paying attention to a basic human need”, when inviting people, mean? I think it is respect for the other person. My approach is respectful if I write a personal message, instead of using the prefabricated one from LinkedIn.
What are the two success factors for building a network?
1. Searching and inviting at least 30 people per week – it is a numbers game – we know – I must convince my inner blockage to allow it. I can bring up the energy because the reward is No Cold Calling.
2. Respectful invitation – the human touch is so important, talking to often lonely people at the top.

What do I learn from this?
Professionals like Me and you need to expand their network every day to score a consulting job the day after tomorrow. This can be done with a time effort of 15 minutes per day. Personal messages leave a good impression. People will join your network easily, without beeing sold.

Please forward the article that hate cold calling.

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