20111216-Andreas-Buenter-023-2Our Mission: Until 2027 we want to help 125.000 professional services businesses to get a constant stream of clients. In a way that the owner of the business can enjoy a safe live as independent entrepreneur, without ongoing stress.

We are convinced that the best way to achieve this result, is to show our audience and clients prooven strategies, and to coach them implementing it into daily life. Our clients shall be enabled to use strategies ‘fitting them’ best, to generate a constant stream of clients.

GetYourExpert is the place for professional advice, education, coaching to get a constant stream of clients.

My story
Hello, I am Andreas Buenter, Best-Selling Author with Brian Tracey. Entrepreneur with different enterprises since 1991. Grown up in Switzerland, I have always been interested in figures and how businesses work. With increasing success of my own business, and temporary setbacks, the challenges have grown to improve my own productivity, marketing and sales, etc. I love to help entrepreneurs and leaders, to optimize & restructure to achieve better results.

Abstract of Results and Awards
My first business grew, in co-operation with a major German publisher, to about 5.000 clients from 1991-2000. Best-Selling Author in 2016. Franchisee since 2011 to diversify business and winner of 2013 Silver Award and 2014 & 2015 & 2016 Gold Award for Extraordinary Achievements in Sales and Client Management als Franchisee of Expense Reduction Analysts, Europe.

Certificates, Diplomas, Languages
Speaking German, English, French, Swiss-German. Apprenticeship in banking, studied part-time economics, achieved Swiss Federal Dipl. as Financial Analyst & Asset Manager, as well CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst). I work as accredited sales coach and developed the “9step sales process” for consultants of Expense Reduction Analysts, Europe.